How To Optimize Your Restaurant’s Google Listing

If you haven’t already, run, don’t walk to and claim your listing. This is perhaps the most powerful free tool you can take advantage of as a local pizzeria owner.

Just click on “Manage Now” and it will walk you through the process. Preferably, you should have a google account associated with your restaurant that you can use to login. I like to create an account like: and use it to manage all of our free google services.

Location Details

Once you have logged into your account, enter your business information here and it will either give you an option to create a new location or pull up a current one. You can also maintain different groups of locations, if needed

Many people created or had created Google+ listings and Google made a mess of how this became Google My Business so you may have some cleanup to do to make sure that you only have one listing for your business and it’s the one Google thinks is your business.
Once you claim the right listing you need to make sure you take full advantage of all of the real estate and linking options available to you.
This, by the way, is essential if your business is to ever show up in the coveted Google 3-pack for local searches shown above.

Make sure you have the correct business category and subcategories chosen for your Business. In order to take full advantage of the menu feature, you should choose ‘restaurant’ as your main category. In most cases, you want to choose ‘Pizza Restaurant’ as your first sub-category unless you are a delivery or takeout only location, then you can choose just one of them instead. You should go ahead and select any / all sub-categories that are applicable to your location as they will help you be seen in more search results.

NAP – Name, Address, Phone

Make note of the exact way your business name, address and phone number (NAP) appear. For example, be intentional on the use of Street or St., is it “Bar & Grill” or “Bar and Grill”?
Whatever you show listed as the NAP on your Google My Business Page, you’ll want to use consistently on your own website and across all directories. (More on this in a bit.)

Restaurant owners who are managing their own Google My Business listings can now access a new editor to create and edit the menus that may display in their listings in Google mobile search results.

The editor is available in the Info tab in the Google My Business dashboard. With the editor, owners can add and edit titles, descriptions and prices of their menu items.
Prior to this update, Google only offered the ability to create and edit structured menus via the Google My Business API or third-party menu services. Restaurants that are connected to a third-party provider will not have access to the editor.

You can read Google’s official announcement here:

Google Posts

Posts are a great new addition to the Google platform for restaurants because they allow you to create a post of up to 300 words with links to Learn More / Reserve / Signup / Buy / Get Offer.
This allows you to advertise specials and events, claiming additional online real estate for free! You should be taking full advantage of this on a regular basis!

Quick URL’s

Restaurants have some additional included options to claim as well, like links to their order-ahead URL as well as a separate link for reservations. You can see examples of those on desktop and mobile below.

Quick URLs – Mobile​

These links give you additional real estate (especially on mobile) but most importantly they send your users to the specific functional area of your website that they are looking for. (i.e. make a reservation, or order food) This will save your restaurant time by not having to answer the phone for basic questions. You are even allowed to link to a page that isn’t on your own domain, like a 3rd party vendor for ordering / reservations.

All local restaurants should be taking full advantage of these rich features offered in the google my business platform. In fact, it is widely accepted that a properly optimized GMB page can have a bigger impact on your local search results than almost any other single factor.

In addition to setting this up and optimizing it for your restaurant, be sure to utilize the posts feature at least once or twice a month and keep your pictures updated. This sends important signals to your customers that you are an active and thriving business, and they will be more likely to try you out. Google algorithms also look for recent activity, so the more updated you keep it, the better!